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Cited by the Honorable Donna Shalala, former Secretary, Health and Human Services for commitment to patient protections."

Pictured: Donna Shalala, Sheldon Weinhaus, Department of Labor Secretary Hermann 

"[Sheldon Weinhaus]" has a thorough understanding of all areas of the law, in its intimate detail and broad compass. To each case for which he is responsible, he brings intense intellectual curiousity and complete honesty, his conduct is always tempered by common sense and unflailing civility. He isolates issues quickly and correctly resolves them expeditiously and presents his resolution objectively, lucidly and with persuasive conviction. His traits include honesty, patience and poise even in trying circumstances, flexibility, the ability to listen and above all, the ability to remain neutral, excellent understanding of the law, wide and varied trial experience, open-mindedness, with a decent respect for the opinions of others, firm without being rude, decisive and the ability to conduct an arbitration to achieve a fair result."

Hon. Harold L. Satz, deceased, former Circuit Judge of the City of St. Louis and retired Judge, Missouri Court of Appeals, arbitrator and mediator

"It's not often that a lawyer gets an opportunity to save someone's life. Shelly, you should be more proud of that case than anything else you've done in your career."

Senior Litigation Counsel, Southwestern Bell Telephone Company


Announcement of Sheldon Weinhaus being appointed to the Presidential Health Care