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Publications & Speaking

Sheldon Weinhaus is well respected speaker and author of articles including the ones listed below:

Listing of Speeches and Group Presentations
by Sponsoring Organization
American Bar Association
1996 annual convention. Orlando, FL
Employment Law Section Litigation Involving HMO's and PPO 's, presentation and panel discussion
TIPS Section: Participation in live presentation and videotaping of a mock trial on insurance coverage of a controversial cutting edge major medical treatment
Health and Benefit Plans Section
Washington, DC program, November 1997: Wave of the Future is Now, luncheon speaker Consumer Bill of Rights, Rights in Need of Remedies
Business Law Section, 1998 mid year meeting, St. Louis: Accomplishments of the Presidents Health Care Commission
Employment Law Section, Employee Benefits Committee, Advanced ERISA Litigation annual seminars
November 1992, Washington, DC: Preemption and the Health Services Provider
   November 1993, New Orleans, LA: Managed Health Care Litigation
November 1994, Chicago, IL: Litigation Arising from Disability Plan; Ethical Considerations in ERISA Litigation; The Americans with Disabilities Act and Employment Discrimination Law Impact on ERISA Litigation

November 1995, Chicago, IL: Litigation Arising from Disability and Medical Plans

November 1996, Chicago, IL: ADA and Employment Discrimination, Impact on ERISA Litigation
November, 1997, Chicago, IL: Litigation Arising from Disability and Medical Plans